“Those who dance are considered insane by those who cannot hear the music.” Friedriche Nietzsche

My journey into playing for 5Rhythms and other movement practices over the past few years has been a deep and rewarding one.  I give enormous gratitude for Tim Broughton whose commitment to and support of live music for 5Rhythms allowed me to learn a huge amount about the role of the musician in service to the facilitator and through them the dancers on the floor.  This has also given me valuable insight into the kind of musicians that are best suited to playing for the dance, those who are able to step out of the ego/performance pattern and into one of focus on the facilitator and community of dancers.  

All the musicians that I work with are not only great players but also have sensitivity and an openess to be directed and learn each time they play at an event.  The line-up for each event has varied from 2 players to an 8 piece ensemble and from completely acoustic set ups to full PA with sound engineer. These have all presented great learning opportunities and really helped me to appreciate how different line ups and technical set-ups can be used to best effect in different settings.  This process of learning and unfolding is continuing with the other facilitators that I am working with and the other communities that I play for, not just for 5Rhythms but also for Movement Medicine and Ecstatic Dance.

"The music aLive makes as a group works wonders, because it is a flexible group of musicians that allow themselves to listen to each other and the dancers with an awake openness to change. We worked to prepare for this session, without the dancers to take the time to tune in to each other and to the process necessary to be ready for anything. As it is improvised music and dance, so is the teaching. This can easily get lost into a chaotic situation where everybody is doing what they do but with no communal clarity. So in our preparation we came to a structure we could follow into the session. Part of that is enlightening the sound to the dance of each rhythm, how we connect each rhythm fluidly into the next and how I can direct each individual musician to initiate, or change their input so it becomes alive as much as possible.  All in all it was an amazing experience. To be able to have a group of competent musicians, who I can creatively direct to make a space of magic and deep felt transformational dance happen. Alive is a group who let themselves grow by being open for growth within their professional commitment to create a live performance in service of the dance and for me this is an ultimate pleasure to work with."  Sophia Campeau-Ferman - 5Rhythms teacher

"Alive were such a pleasure to work with. All the musicians are so talented and intuitive. They forged beautiful connections into the 5Rhythms dance space so effortlessly. Alive are Soul."

Jason Rowe - 5Rhythms teacher

"As an organiser of Tribal Earth we have booked ALive to play at the festival every year for 10 years now and they never fail to put on a magical performance. Whether you are simply listening to their eclectic mix of stunning music or are being swept away in a 5 Rhythms workshop where their soundscape provides an incredible backdrop to your movement and dance, Alive are a brilliant group of musicians who have always been a pleasure to work with." Chris Down - Chair of Tribal Earth Commitee

"Alive are vibrant, sensitive and responsive to the dancers and to each other. They weave a subtle magic which the dancers enjoy, and respond to everything the dancers bring. I highly recommend them for their highly tuned musicianship, friendliness and sensitivity." Hannah - dancer

"Alive have the unique ability to play within the essence of my dance, to meet me in the music and to dance with me using their heart-rhythms and tribal calls. They are particular and gifted listeners, a gift to our creative souls." Duncan - dancer

aLive includes.....


Phil Dale - Flutes, bassoon, percussion and vocals;

Dean Dye - Latin multi percussionist;

Mark Fisher - Multi-percussion, vocal, guitar and harmonium;

Natasha Gilbert - Vocal, guitar;

Matt Kelly - Violin, guitar, bass, percussion;

Fran Loze - Cello and vocal;

Tadeusz Palosz - Multi-percussion and vocal;

Chris Tero - Multi-percussion and vocal;

Storme Watson - Kora, drums, flutes, percussion and gongs. 

Michael White - sax/didgeridoo


aLive previously....


Marina Avetisyan - Vocals, multi instrumentalist;

Angus Ferguson - Bass;

Jamie Morgan - Djembe, electric guitar; 

Beth Perry - Cello, flute, vocals;

Katie Rose - Vocals, flute and gong; 

Zoe Shobbrook-Fisher - Vocals and percussion;