"Kirtan is a part of the path of Devotional Yoga. 




When we see the beauty of our own being we are seeing the beauty of the Being that is the One of which we are all a part. And when we turn towards that One, love is the natural reaction of the heart. 

God or Guru is an endless ocean of love truth and presence. First we may hear the distant roar of the crashing waves of the ocean and we're drawn to that sound. As we get closer, we can smell the ocean air and taste the sweet moisture. When we reach the beach and see the ocean for the first time, we're transfixed by the vastness and Beauty. We run and we dive in and enjoy the freedom that comes from this ecstasy. Finally we merge with that ocean of love and somehow find ourselves back on the shore, returning to ourselves so that we can share the experience with others. 

Those that have returned have given us these Names of God. These Names are the sound of the surf of that Ocean of Love. They hold the power to help us find our way back to that ocean. We don't have to create anything; we don't have to manufacture any emotions or feelings. We can't make it happen. It already is. All we have to do is Remember. Everyone has their own path to this beach, to the Ocean, but we all wind up in the same place. There is only one...One."    Krishna Das 

It is always a complete pleasure to play music and chant with Narayani and Mat... they are beautiful musicians and good friends of mine who share a love and passion for devotional music, kirtan and the practice of Bhakti Yoga. They travel throughout the UK and Europe offering their music and voice workshops wherever they are invited. 


"Mark is one of the most sensitive and talented musicians we have had the pleasure of playing with. He has an intuitive presence and deep listening that is rare and vital for Kirtan and he really brings a wonderful quality when he joins us. We love playing with him." Narayani

I regularly play with Sivani Mata in London and sometimes beyond at events... she has a deep devotion and holds an amazing space for powerful kirtan. I love playing and chanting at these gatherings.

"Mark is an incredible musician, intuitive, heart-centred and inspiring. He is a joy to play with, responsive to the group energy and enriching our co-creation whether it's with guitar or drum."  Sivani Mata

I have been accompanying Nikki for over 10 years and her Kirtans are always vibrant and uplifting. Friday and Saturday night residency at Tri Yoga, London is the perfect way to de-stress from a hard week or invigourate for a night out.

With Sivani Mata at the Life Centre.