Spitchwick Common

Bhakti bliss

With Sivani Mata

Colourfest Kirtan

Colourfest with Sivani


@ Ashokananda Ashram, Tiruvanamali

bread and fish

With Mat @ Tribal Earth 2016


Beautiful Kirtan venue in Brighton

Sivani Mata
Natasha Gilbert

Playing for Movement Medicine @ Tribal Earth 2016


On the Timbuktu stage @ Tribal Earth 2016


with Chris Tero


My beloved acoustic

Mundo Gira

@ Survival Studios


@ home

Bread and Fish

On the Full Circle Stage 2016

Zoe Shobbrook-Fisher

Music in the Field of Love

Wedding celebration

Fireside.... where the music comes alive

Mundo Gira

@ Bandicoot studios

Mundo Gira Rehearsing

Gibson Memphis ES Les Paul

Funky Goat Records

...the label

@ home

Oil wheel and cow of doom

Isn't it?

... a great reminder


Kirtan with Narayani and Mat

Matt Kelly

Violin, bass, FX maestro

Fran Loze

Cellist extraordinaire

Tree Dancers

I love playing for dance outside.... especially in the woods

Mundo Gira @ Tribal Earth

Full Circle 2015


Master percussionist

Sophia Campeau-Ferman_edited

Wonderful 5Rhythms facilitator

Phil Dale

The flute and Bassoon man

What's your thing?

Mine is definitely music...

Chris Tero

I've been playing music with this man for nearly 20 years.... he is the engine room of the groove

Tim Broughton

Co-founder of the aLive 5Rhythms project

Dean Dye

Timbales and percussionista

Jason Rowe

He holds a beautiful space for 5Rhythms in London

Mundo Gira

means 'what goes around comes around' in Portuguese

Storme Watson

Multi talented musician

Jamie Morgan

The 'blues man' and amazing drummer